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Anna Brotman-Krass
Moving Image Artist

Artist Statement

Anna has been working with 16mm film since 2018, fostering a dedication that stems from her appreciation for its tangible and physical attributes. Her practice revolves around a belief that the material artistic process engages care as simultaneously manual and tactile as well as an intrinsically emotional process. She often cuts and reassembles footage by hand, an approach that allows her to engage intimately with her project on care and resistance. This physical manipulation of film enhances her relationship with her work, foregrounding the tactile, material quality of 16mm film that digital methods do not.

Anna integrates her material practice as a moving image artist with her scholarship on diaspora, migration, and domestic labor + care work in Spain.


Anna Brotman-Krass (b. 1998 in Virginia, USA) is pursuing her PhD in Spanish at the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) where, through her practice of collaborative experimental filmmaking, she studies grassroots transnational feminist movements in Madrid, Spain.
She received her BA from the University of Virginia’s College of Arts & Sciences where she graduated with distinction. She majored in Spanish and Global Development Studies, with a concentration in Cinematography where she worked on a variety of Kevin Jerome Everson and Claudrena Harold’s Black Fire films. She also traveled to Panama with Everson as a sound recordist and Spanish translator for his feature length film, Lago Gatún (2021)
When Anna is not in Spain or Michigan, she directs music videos and promotional material for artists across the US. She collaborates with musicians such as SHAED, Kate Bollinger, Hala, & artists on the Strawberry Moon Records label.

Portrait by Daniel Stelly (2024)

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